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BS Flags Are Hilarious


We all have that one friend who just doesn't seem to understand that no one really believes their cock and bull stories. No one really believes that he had a date with a super model or that he did a summer internship with Donald Trump. If you ever get tired of calling bull shit on him the good old fashioned way, then we have a great alternative for you. Our BS flags are an effective and hilarious way to stop the usual falsehoods that come out of his mouth day after day.

Our BS flags are like nothing else around. No one else offers you the distinct opprotunity to get your loud mouth pal to shut up. Whether he is lying about how well he did on the SAT's back in highschool, how is real father is actually Darth Vader, or how he accidentally caused a car accident (of course using just the powers of his mind), you can call BS like never before. Our BS flags come in a supremely masculine yellow or a pretty pink hue for the womenfolk.

Calling BS has never been so much fun or so entertaining than with a BS flag. These flags make a great novelty gift and are super fun when you are around that one person who just can't seem to tell the truth. Order yours today.

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